Vigo money transfer

About Vigo

Vigo Mission is to be recognized as the best international money transfer company in the world serving immigrant populations with a special focus on the Latin American and Caribbean regions by providing an efficient, value-added product at a competitive price.

  • Vigo is one of the largest money transmitters worldwide. The company holds one of the largest market shares in the U.S. to Latin America corridor.
  • Over the years, it has achieved promising, ongoing expansion and incredible success. In fact, over the last five years, the company has enjoyed a historical average annual growth rate of over 30%.
  • Vigo provides affordable and efficient payment services to 47 countries.
  • Vigo growing market coverage includes 45 states in the U.S. and a network of over 4,000 agents.

Vigo money transfer locations

U.S. Market coverage with a network of over 4,000 agents

Worldwide coverage:
  • Over 9,000 payment locations in Mexico
  • Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela
  • Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica
  • Europe: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
  • Africa: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Sierra Leone
  • Asia: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Philippines

For more detailed information about agents, call: 1-800-777-8784

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