CAM money transfer

Company History

For the past 19 years, the company has kept its promise to customers and has continuously worked on improving its service. CAM is very proud of its accomplishments:

1984: Open first offices in New York and Miami and are the first Company in Haiti to offer Next Day Home deliveries.

1993: CAM make it possible for Haitian families in Canada and the US to send food items to their families. The company again improves its delivery service: all transfers received in the US and Canada before 1:00PM is now delivered the same day.

Today: CAM is the only company delivering to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, within 2 hours, all transfers received from the US and Canada before 5:00PM.

CAM money transfer network of 18 branches and more than 200 Affiliated agencies, enables its customer's to reach it easily. The company has become a household name, actively promoting and sponsoring cultural events in both Dominican and Haitian communities in the United States.

CAM Mission Statement

  • Strive to continually work at offering the highest level of CAM money and food transfer services to its customer's with 100% on-Time delivery.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by keeping a proactive approach to CAM customer's needs and by going the extra mile to ensure Customer's Total Satisfaction.
  • Build key relationships and develop strong partnerships with the communities, by supporting them and donating time, money and resources to the promotion of the Arts and Sports.
  • Offer CAM employees a dynamic and supportive work environment promoting Team Spirit and Personal Growth.

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